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Department of Physics provides a 4-year-undergraduate program

1st grade

Students learn the fundamental physics such as the Mechanics and Electromagnetism. Students also learn English and Mathematics, which are essential to study physics.

2nd grade

Students learn Quantum Mechanics, Oscillation and Wave, Thermodynamics, and so on. The proportion of specialized courses is higher than the 1st grade. Exercises courses for better understanding of the lectures have also been provided.

3rd grade

Students learn the core of modern physics, Statistical Mechanics and Theory of Relativity. In addition, the courses of Solid State Physics, Elementary Particle Physics, Atomic Physics, and so on are provided. In the course of Physics Experiment, students experience experiments and exercises in each laboratory.

4th grade

Students select the laboratory among experimental field and theoretical field, and perform graduation research. In each laboratory, students study state-of-the-art physics and improve the presentation skill in small class.